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Fixing a Corrupt Document

Does all the text in your document change when you press the Enter Key? When you want to apply bold formatting to only  one word, does the entire paragraph go bold? These are symptoms of a corrupt document. Luckily there are 3 steps you can take to give your document greater stability

  1. Check for Compatibility
  2. Put in New Container
  3. Save as an XML file

Help!  When Working in MS Word

Here are some instructions to help bail you out when Word becomes a bit overwhelming.

If Necessary Place Text in a New Container

For this you'll need to have your Show/Hide Button  turned on.

You can turn on the Show/Hide Option from the Home Ribbon
Using the keystroke Ctrl+Shft+*

  1. Select all the text in your document except the last paragraph mark.  This last mark contains all unseen codes within the document, including those causing the corruption.
  2. Do a Copy
  3. Open a New Word Document
  4. Do a Paste into the New Container (a.k.a. New Word Document)

Your document should behave now.  If not, here’s one more step to take.

First Check for Compatibility

 A very helpful tool to remedy this glitch is to check its compatibility.  

While working in your document:

  1. Click the File Tab (or Office Button if you're using Word 2007). Look towards the bottom of the window and click the Options Button.
  2.  Then Advanced Button.  A long  choice of options appear.  
  3. Scroll down towards the bottom.
  4. Under the General subtitle, look for Compatibility options for: [the name of your document]
  5. On the next line; “Lay out this document as if created in: make sure Microsoft Office Word 2010 is selected.  If not,
  6. Click the down arrow on the left and click on the Microsoft Office Word 2010 option

Click OK.  You'll be taken back into your document.  Chances are your document is cured.  However….

If your document still is problematic,  then read up on some other troubleshooting tips.

And If That Doesn’t Work, Save as an .xml File

Before throwing in the towel, if your newly pasted text is still giving you problems, save your new document as an xml file.

  1. Click File > Save As
  2. At the Save As Window, change the File Type to Word XML Document (*.xml)
  3. Then Save and Close
  4. Start a new document
  5. From the Insert Ribbon, go to the Text Group and click the Down arrow Button beside the Object Button
  6. Click Text from File
  7. Browse for the recently saved XML file and Open.
  8. Save as a new Word document.

Your problem document should be ready to go

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